Raising your Vibration

Spiritual liberation from Samsara is a path well defined by The Buddha and other enlightened beings.

We now live in strange circumstances and darkness prevails. New diseases are afflicting humanity. In our blind search for technological innovations at the expense of a heroic search for a quantum leap in our spiritual development we have found our weaknesses. Our planet’s resources are limited, and our economic systems depend on unlimited resources. Governments are more concerned with redistributing resources because wealth creation is limited.  In addition, our immune system is under attack because of the extreme environmental destruction we have engaged in as consumers.

An individual alignment with divine consciousness is needed. Changes that happen at the individual level are always more long lasting and transcendental.  These challenges we are facing combined with the violence, war and competition for the decreasing resources threaten to destroy our institutions, civilization and humanity itself in the long run. Learning to be grateful and to focus on simplicity and wholeness can be incredibly helpful in creating a higher vibration that will help everyone else to raise theirs too.


• Grapes must be
crushed to make wine

• Diamonds form
under pressure

• Olives are pressed to
release oil

• Seeds grow in

Whenever you feel crushed, under pressure, pressed, or in darkness, you are in a powerful place of transformation/transmutation.”

~ Lalah Delia

This transmutation is happening as we speak.  Nations as individuals can get lost and wander far from the values that gave them birth.  They become corrupt and divisive as time goes by.

            Regardless of the superficial political landscape and beyond the narrow interests of a few who, in the shadows, manufacture the consent of the many. Political activism achieves little or nothing and does not stay loyal to the lofty goals that it so loudly pretended to fight for.  Our educational system and our institutions cast a narrow focus that often caters only to a few types of individuals and ignores, or worse, blatantly disqualify those who do not fit the mold.

            The unique individual is not valued or recognized in the maze of our rigid and ancient institutions. Solutions from the ground up based on creativity, mindfulness, wisdom, and compassion are more practically effective in encouraging individuals to become part of the community.  Feeding discord and social hatred to achieve political ends destroys the social fabric and affects human development and freedom in an unhealthy way. Grass roots humanly based values that respect the dignity of the individual above institutions are sorely needed. Organizations that foster individual development, personal growth, co-operation, and wealth contribute to a society that will not only benefit those who participate in it, but it also creates a sustainable, responsible, and morally sound population.

            Values of responsibility and accountability produce trusted leaders who sooner than later will take the reins of society and safely guide it towards transcendental goals.  Science and spirituality are fruits of human beings searching for meaning. The cosmos and the human psyche meet at the crossroads of quantum consciousness. The old world has imprisoned us with its institutions that serve the power of a few to the detriment of the individual. Granted that many of these institutions were created initially for our own welfare to feed us, educate us, and guide us. The time is coming for many of these institutions to come apart under the weight of its own unsustainability, corruption, excessive forms of control, and dogmatic thinking. Appeals to fear and triggering the populace’s neuroticism can only go so far.

            The inner guided individual that seeks spiritual liberation and creativity will need to connect with the natural flow of the cosmos to come out unscathed from the ruins of a dying world. This flow is found within and is also in the sea and the stars and was called by the ancients, The Tao.

Tao is both Named and Nameless

As Nameless, is the origin of all things

As Named, it is the mother of all things

-Tao Te Ching, Verse 1

            This gate to the essence of everything is the quantum consciousness that is part of our birthright. Alignment with The Tao or vibrational field of the universe can be achieved by activating gates and through meditation. In my spiritual search I have found Human Design and The Gene Keys as well as the teachings of Osho.  Human Design is particularly suited as an occult system that is engineered specifically to give you the tools to embrace your own inner authority. It also provides you with your own aura type, strategy & authority, undefined aura centers, profile, digestion (PHS), cognition (variable), mental motivation, environment, perspective, heightened sensory perception and much more.

            The amazing body graph can guide you to understand your body and soul, learning to experiment with your inner authority leads to joy, and the result is that you end up living a life of true authenticity.  This has been my personal experience.  I am thankful to share it with all of you.

            We move in this world in our vehicle bodies while the mind is just a passenger in all this with very little control. Other forms of auric intelligences are inside of us, splenic, root, emotional solar plexus, among others.  The individual has to practice enlightened self-care in every way to stay on top of this onslaught of psychic and psychological control coming from many fronts at once. Meditation holds the key to control the negative emotions and obscurations that we have to face at the end of this age of darkness. Self-love and an understanding of the seed of divinity that resides in each of us can be our power and our liberation. Joy comes in the morning as the shadows melt and the dew falls off the flower.

To quote Richard Rudd:

“Selfishness then is a stage in our evolution that is in the process of being transcended at a collective level. If it weren’t, humans would die out.”

            We live sedentary lives, our technology is always closer to us more than nature, the trees, and the water. Our evolution has hit a roadblock, our immune systems are often compromised as more and more diseases are seeing the light of day in our planet. They have always been here as Ra Uru Hu often warned us. It is just that our immune systems are no longer what they used to be.

            The founder of Human Design,, Ra Uru Hu, brought a quantum system that empowers the uniqueness of the individual through a clear-cut esoteric system providing specific strategies and an integral profile that holds the quantum keys to our awakening and real understanding of ourselves. These critical tools can provide easily a self- guidance system that will not only raise our awareness of the dimensional energies at work in our world, but it also gives a map of how to raise our vibrational field of experiences to ignite our potential and find joy in our lives.

This amazing voyage of self-discovery begins with your birth data because this quantum astrological system can only help you if you start there. To get your chart and begin the journey I’d recommend to visit Genetic Matrix to get you free chart: https://www.geneticmatrix.com

Finally, I’d like to leave you with a quote from Osho:

“A Buddha – anyone who is awakened – without any effort creates an energy field. It is not right to say that he creates it, he finds an energy field spreading around himself. Whoever is touched by that energy field will not be the same again. He will start changing and transforming in a miraculous way. Sometimes even in spite of himself, he will do things which only a buddha can do. His old habits, his ignorance, his unconsciousness, all will be against it, but the feeling of a buddha, his presence…It may be a very slight experience, a very small flame, but it is enough to dispel the darkness of millions of years.

David Catalan

Utah, USA
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